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Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on ancient Taoist Philosophy.
Taoists believe the body is a complete energetic system with the innate knowledge to heal the ailments our busy lives throw at us.
When we demand too much of ourselves or stop giving our body the nourishment we need, we throw these energies out of balance completely.
At Heart of Healing—It’s our mission to guide this energy to allow your body to heal the right way.
Made up of a system of organs, every individual has a unique balance between mind, body, and spirit that must be maintained in order to achieve optimal health.
And, that balance starts with a proper understanding of the symptoms you deal with on a day to day basis.
So first, we take a complete medical history of every patient we see. It’s important to understand the origin of your symptoms and get a better idea of what your overall health environment looks like.
Then, we take a full evaluation of all the symptoms your experiencing—Maybe that’s a loss of energy, increased weight gain, or even acute pain in certain areas of the body.
All of these are signs of imbalance in your overall energy and need proper

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